Aztecs back in the pan with tricky Troy coming to Viejas Arena

Brian Dutcher wasn’t at the Saturday night holiday party. Eight of Mountain West’s other 10 teams were in action, some against power conference opponents, one even in town (UNLV in USD), but he’s only stolen the slightest glimpse of a few of them.

What does a San Diego State basketball coach do?

Watch full game footage of Troy University. And then another. And then another.

It is a testament to his work ethic. It was also a testament to his respect (or perhaps fear) for the team from southeastern Alabama who was selected to finish 10th in the 14-school Sun Belt Conference.

But this is his life this season. Number 24 Aztec (6-2) finally got their first breath Friday against Division III Occidental, equaling Viejas Arena’s record of making 19 3-pointers in a 95-57 laugh that left walk-ons played with 13 minutes remaining. Now back to the sizzling, steaming, and searing frying pan Monday night with the Troy Trojans.

“I think it will be good at the end of the year for schedule strength,” said Dutcher, whose schedule was ranked the 10th most difficult country by Sagarin, 11th by Kenpom, and 15th by ESPN’s BPI metrics. “But holy smoke. All these ‘buy’ games are brutal. It will strengthen us, no doubt. Sometimes you want an easier game or two every once in a while. But we don’t schedule like that. Accidentally. We don’t know how good some of these teams will be.”

The idea was to combine the high-profile non-conference games that could boost your NCAA Tournament resume with the easier “buy in” games, where you pay someone from a lower-end conference for a one-off date in your building at your convenience with a Mountain West reference. And the Aztecs have been masters at this, thanks in large part to scheduling guru Matt Soria.

Last time they lost a buy-in game: 2018 against the Browns.

But vetting potential candidates has become increasingly difficult in the era of transfer portals, with teams keeping older by adding veteran players over the summer, sometimes after scheduling contracts have been signed.

The Aztecs considered UC Irvine, Troy, and Kennesaw State their three Div. I bought the game after the loaded Maui Invitational – would have been a welcome respite after three games in three days against ranked opponents. They turned out to be something more than that. Irvine led with 27 and won 69-56 at No. 21 Oregon, and it took Micah Parrish 3 with 2.4 seconds left for SDSU to avoid a similar fate on Tuesday. Troy already has wins at Florida State and Montana, and leads with six minutes left at No. 11 Arkansas last week before losing. Kennesaw State has close road losses in Florida and VCU.

“If they’re losing players and suddenly they bring in new players, you’re not going to worry about too many new players from non-power conference schools,” Dutcher said. “They may turn into players, but initially as freshmen they may not be good enough to beat you. But with portals and returning players (for an extra COVID year), it’s different.

“I mean, all these games that we bought we thought, ‘We’re probably going to get some wins out of them.’ We might get a win, but nothing will be easy.”

Several things complicate Monday. One is on the broken and sick list, with three starters and one main reserve absent from practice recently, although all four are expected to be fit. The other is the Trojans themselves, who are a tough fight due to the deep bench that allows them to play very aggressive defense, even that means hitting 20 free throws per game (and the Aztecs made just 58 percent in their last two games.) .

They also played a lot of defense, sometimes pressing, sometimes zoning, sometimes switching screens, sometimes not switching.

Another factor: The Troy team they play, history says, will not be the Troy team that lost 78-72 at Southern Illinois-Edwardsville on Saturday, any more than the Irvine team they barely beat on Tuesday is not the same as the one that lost 80- 66 at home Saturday against 1-5 Fresno State. Just as team Occidental scored 47 goals against 24th ranked team in Div. I Friday night only managed 41 in a 37-point loss the following afternoon at Div. League III match.

“I always tell people, ‘Any team you watch on tape is not the team you’re going to play, because we are ranked, we have a reputation,’” Dutcher said. “People love to play in our building, even though it’s hard to win in our building. They don’t play in many atmospheres like that. You get everyone’s best efforts.

“We’re seeing the best version of whatever that team is going to be.”

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Detailed Solutions. Thus job security for every citizen is not a characteristic of the Indian Constitution.

Which of the following characteristics is not present in the Indian Constitution? Indian federalism Article 1 of the Indian Constitution states, ‘India, namely Bharat, shall be a united state. The word federation is not mentioned in the constitution. Constitutional supremacy.

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A Flexible Constitution is not a characteristic of a federal government.

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Separation of Powers: The most important characteristic of the Federal Constitution is the Separation of powers. In this case, one portion of power shall rest with the United Government and the other shall rest with the State Governments.

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The federal model of state is characterized by the existence, at the national level, of a rigid, written constitution that guarantees some intermediate governments not only immortality and independence, but also full legislative, executive, and judicial powers.

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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the man who attended the Constitutional Convention in 1787? They believe in democracy.

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The people who met at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia were young, very young by congressman standards, with an average age of 42. Benjamin Franklin was a stranger because he was 81 years old when he attended this meeting.

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Answers and Explanations: Many supporters of the Constitution were not Federalist paper authors including John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington. Federalist papers written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay.

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some of the characteristics of delegates to constitutional conventions are white, wealthy, educated males. Some are lawyers. Many helped write their state’s constitution and seven served as statesmen.