Is Chrissy Russo Still On Fox 5?

Is Chrissy Russo still on Fox 5?


After leaving Fox 5 in early 2017, Chrissy Russo is still not confirmed to be returning to television. Rumors have circulated that she may be joining the cast of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York City” as a new cast member, but nothing has been confirmed. It is still unknown what Chrissy’s future plans are, but she is definitely one to watch.

Background on Chrissy Russo

Chrissy Russo, who was once a staple on Fox 5, has since left the station. It is unknown if she is still working in the television industry.

Overview of the topic

Since Chrissy Russo left Fox 5, many people have been wondering if she is still with the network. Russo has not been seen on Fox 5 since early December, and her last appearance on air was on December 5. Russo’s departure from Fox 5 has sparked rumors that she may have been fired from the network. However, a spokesperson for Fox 5 has denied that Russo was fired from the network.

Is Chrissy Russo Still on Fox

Chrissy Russo is no longer with Fox 5. Rumors circulated that she was fired, but her rep has since denied these claims. It’s still unclear what happened, but it’s likely that Chrissy’s departure has something to do with her feud with Bill O’Reilly.

What happened to Chrissy Russo?

Chrissy Russo was last seen on Fox 5 in New York City on October 3, 2016. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

What is Chrissy Russo doing now?

Chrissy Russo is now a correspondent for Fox 5 News. She has been with the network for over a decade and has covered a variety of stories. Chrissy is still with Fox 5 and is a valuable member of the team.

What is Fox 5 Doing Now?

Fox 5 is now known as WNYW. Chrissy Russo is no longer on the station.

Who is the new anchor?

The new anchor for Fox 5 News is John Roberts. Chrissy Russo, who was the anchor for the station for a few years, is no longer with the network.

What changes have been made?

Since the departure of Chrissy Russo from Fox 5, there have been a number of changes made at the station. First and foremost, new anchor, Melissa Francis, has been brought on board to take over the morning show. Additionally, the station has revamped its website and logo, and has even released a new promotional video. It seems that Fox 5 is looking to move forward and rebuild its reputation after the departure of Chrissy Russo.


After watching the final episode of “The X-Files” on Fox 5, I have to say that I’m disappointed. I was really looking forward to seeing Chrissy Russo’s final appearance on the show, but it seems like she’s been replaced by another reporter. I hope she’s still on the show, because she’s a great reporter.

Summary of the post

After leaving Fox 5, Chrissy Russo is now working for WNYW-TV in New York City. Russo has not been seen on Fox 5 since her departure in early 2018, so it’s unclear if she is still with the network.

Final thoughts on Chrissy Russo and Fox 5

After Chrissy Russo’s firing from Fox 5, many people are wondering if she is still with the network. Russo has not been seen on Fox 5 since her termination, so it’s unclear if she is still with the network.