La Mesa Souplantation Revival Scraps Old Place and Senior Day Care Co-op

The much-anticipated and much-discussed restaurant revival of the La Mesa Souplantation concept takes a dramatic turn from previous plans.

The woman behind the business idea, Hannah Romita, told NBC 7 that the company will no longer open in the building that once housed La Mesa’s official Souplantation restaurant — nor will it share space with an adult daycare center.

When is the Souplantation concept restaurant opening?

“Once we get the lease, as soon as we sign the building. It goes fast from there,” she replied. “It’s going to be nine months from the day we sign the building,” Romita said.

“When I first started my business, it was here in El Cajon. That’s where I planned,” Romita said.

“Then I moved to La Mesa and in La Mesa I met the community that asked me for the company itself, personally, so that’s why I didn’t want to go far from here,” said Romita. “For me, they are my priority.”

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When NBC 7 last spoke to Romita in September 2022, the decades-old venue was in need of a serious upgrade to meet modern building codes.

Unlike the original Souplantation, Romita’s restaurant menu will be plant-based and vegetarian with an emphasis on healthy eating. They will keep the soups, ice cream and drinks, Romita said. The omission of meat is meant to keep the menu eco-friendly and simple, Romita said. Cheese and eggs are still included.

As Romita previously emphasized at NBC 7, a sense of “community” will be a heavy ingredient for the new restaurant.

Should the new company be successful, Romita might be interested in franchising.

She is especially grateful to the followers of her Facebook page for the company.

“I want to thank the community on Facebook. They follow me and they understand my steps and I’m just thankful for serving such a great, positive community,” added Romita.

LA MESA, Calif. – Souplantation is getting a new lease of life after closing all of its restaurants at the start of the pandemic. The new owners plan to reopen the Souplantation in La Mesa on Fletcher Parkway this summer with an interesting twist on their business concept.

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How many Souplantations are left?

Number of locations97 (March 2020, before liquidation)
Served areaUnited States
Key figuresJohn Haywood (CEO) Don Breen (CFO)

Souplantation coming back to San Diego? Others took to the thread to comment on the fact that the buffet is never coming back. The spokesperson says instead that Golden Life will serve the elderly – by providing medical day care for seniors.

Will Souplantation reopen in 2022? When will Souplantation reopen? As of September 2022, the inside of the restaurant is not nearly open yet. They need to completely revamp the kitchen and fix many issues left by previous owners. Equipment needs to be replaced and plumbing repaired, Romita said.

How many soup plantations were there? 1.0 million lived on plantations with 50 or more enslaved people. There were 46,300 plantations (estates with 20 or more slaves) in the United States.

Is Souplantation coming back?

Just a reminder that we are still in the process of opening the restaurant-buffet which has the same concept as the previous Souplantation under the name Souplantation.SD. We expect to open at a different location in the summer of 2023.”

What’s going on with Souplantation? Souplantation officially closed all 97 Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants in May 2020 due to COVID-19 and FDA recommendations not allowing salad bars and buffets. “Sweet Tomatoes” was the name the restaurant used for all locations outside of Southern California.

Are Sweet Tomatoes Closing in Arizona? A Sweet Tomatoes restaurant in northern Phoenix. A multi-restaurant buffet chain in Arizona is likely to close for good, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.