We must protect the beaches of San Diego

Corey Gustafson is a college professor, founder of Dogleg Brewing Co. and a native San Diegan. He is running against Congressman Scott Peters to represent the 50th Congressional District.

On July 30, two oil pipelines running along the Matadero Canyon in Tijuana burst due to a maintenance project. These pipes, designed to carry wastewater to a treatment plant in San Antonio de los Buenos, instead spilled into the Smuggler’s Canyon Collector Gulch south of San Diego. Since the wastewater contains large amounts of sewage, it is diverted to San Diego at the South Bay International Water Treatment Plant (SBIWTP). SBIWTP cannot handle the large number of hits. The dirty water flowed into the sea and landed on our shores.

As a result, Coronado and Imperial Beach had to close their beaches on August 3. As the residents of these communities know all too well, both the spill and the closure have had a negative impact on their lives over the years. Beaches remain closed due to high levels of bacteria, including the Silver Strand beach.

In the last decade San Diegans have suffered from diseases by swimming and surfing in toxic water, as well as tourists, who come to spend their hard earned money to enjoy the beaches Our southerners, well, often have to look for other ways. Shutdowns are practically common and our federal representatives are not satisfied with turning the situation around. Mexico’s efforts to rehabilitate its wastewater treatment plant, combined with its practice of jettisoning sewage into the Tijuana River and the open ocean, have led to beach closures. The crisis has escalated to the point where the South Bay Health Care Center now has to use up to 50 million gallons of wastewater from Mexico every day.

In 2019, the United States and Mexico agreed to include $300 million in a trade agreement for the Water Supply Program to repair wastewater treatment facilities in San Diego and the South Bay. Members of Congress took full credit for the potential federal funding and declared the problem settled in 2019.

To date, three years later, San Diego has not seen a dime of that money.

In an unfortunate move that only Congress could have imagined, the law required the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to authorize the transfer of funds to the International Water Board (IBWC). Then – and only then – can San Diego County get those funds set aside to finally clean up our oceans.

In short, Congress needs to approve the transfer of money from one government department account to another. By transferring these funds to the appropriate agency, the 300 million dollars that have been sitting in the government’s coffers for three years can be used to help solve this crisis.

Instead of insisting that aid be sent directly to the IBWC, Congress chose legislative language that caused a three-year delay in sending the money needed to stop the pollution of our beaches.

This crisis shows the failure of the federal government and the law in Washington DC.

One of the reasons why our federal government has stopped working properly, is because of the fact that Congress has abandoned its oversight role as the part of the government that is in charge of the federal budget. Instead of explaining how the funds will be spent and allocating them to the appropriate agency immediately, Congress has delegated its authority to the executive branch. Now, Congress must pass a law to allow the money transfer.

Our beaches have been polluted for far too long. It is a sign of government failure in San Diego, California and Washington D.C. We see the failure of our government to provide basic services. From rolling black sand, to the lack of water infrastructure in California, the lack of maintenance and homelessness, and the failure to protect our beaches from sewage, San Diegans can handle a lot.

If we don’t change the broken leadership, what kind of encouragement will our representatives do?

San Diegans are tired of excuses from working-class politicians. We must take responsibility of our representatives at the ballot box for not solving our problems if we want to see the problems solved.

Are Coronado beaches nice?

Deserving of its place in the list of the best beaches in the United States, Coronado is praised for its soft, pillowy sand; enough clean, sandy beach; and Zen holiday getaway vibes. Driving over the Coronado Bridge feels like you’re leaving San Diego and traveling to a whole new area.

Is Coronado Beach clear? Coronado Beach Located on Coronado Island in San Diego, Coronado Beach’s white sand and clear blue water will take you to a fantasy island.

Can you swim in Coronado Beach?

Starting at Hotel del Coronado and going north to Sunset Beach, Coronado Beach is one of the top destinations for swimming in Coronado. This family beach is often crowded. However, there is enough space to find an important place to enter the water to swim.

Is Coronado Beach water Safe?

Recent water quality samples have met state health standards, according to the San Diego County Department of Health and Environmental Improvement. The project includes the beach north of Pine Avenue all the way to Coronado Dog Beach.

Which beach in San Diego is best for swimming?

La Jolla Cove is one of San Diego’s most popular spots for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and kayaking.

What is the best beach on Coronado Island?

Coronado’s best beaches

  • Coronado Central Beach.
  • North Beach/Coronado Dog Beach.
  • Coronado Shores Beach/South Beach.
  • Silver Strand State Beach.
  • Coronado Ferry Landing Beach.
  • Glorietta Bay Park Beach.
  • Coronado Tidelands Park.

What are the gold flecks on Coronado Beach?

The fine sand at Coronado Beach sparkles like gold dust year-round! Sparkling minerals are mixed in the sand. This mineral keeps the soft sand shiny, and makes the beach even more beautiful.

Is La Jolla or Coronado Beach better?

But one thing they have in common: Both are regular nominees for Tripadvisor’s Best Beach Awards (and other similar lists aside). That’s true for ’22, too: TripAdvisor ranked La Jolla Cove at No. 9 on America’s Best Beaches, and Coronado at No. 15.

Do people swim at Coronado Beach?

⦠Coronado Beach in San Diego is a 1.5 mile long, wide sandy beach set against the backdrop of the Hotel del Coronadoâ¦. Popular with swimmers, surfers, sunbathers and beachgoers. The beach is very flat, making it great for boating and walking.

Which beach is better Coronado or La Jolla?

But one thing they have in common: Both are regular nominees for Tripadvisor’s Best Beach Awards (and other similar lists aside). That’s true for ’22, too: TripAdvisor ranked La Jolla Cove at No. 9 on America’s Best Beaches, and Coronado at No. 15.

Can you walk the Coronado Bridge?

The bridge is a little over two miles long. There are over 10,000 runners/walkers./The views are amazing on both sides. Pedestrians cannot normally walk or run on the Coronado Bridge.

Can you walk on the Coronado Bay Bridge? Hikers are encouraged to bring cameras to capture beautiful photos of San Diego and Coronado from the top of the bridge! Infant strollers, wheelchairs and guide dogs are allowed. Skateboards, bicycles, inline skates, racing wheelchairs and animals (except service animals) are prohibited.

Does Coronado Bridge have a pedestrian path?

The bridge is designed entirely and exclusively for vehicular traffic; no sidewalks, bike lanes, or shoulders (“collapse lanes”).

How do you get around Coronado?

Visit Coronado Island. Once you arrive on Coronado Island after taking a rideshare service over the famous Coronado Bridge or enjoying a speedboat ride on the beach, you won’t need a car during your stay on the island. You can easily explore Coronado on foot, on a bike, or in a golf cart.

Do ships go under Coronado Bridge?

Measuring 2.12 miles long and five lanes wide, the bridge has a clearance of about 200 feet, allowing large ships to pass under it.

Is there a fee to cross the Coronado Bridge?

The Coronado Bay Bridge is a joy to drive around. A walk on the bridge offers a beautiful view of downtown San Diego and the city of Coronado. Travel is in both directions and will be active during business hours. There is no entry fee.

Can you walk Coronado Island?

Take a Walk To explore the island on foot at your own pace, start at the visitor center and take the City of Coronado’s free public walking tour of Coronado. The seven mile round trip takes about two hours to complete. If you’re interested in a guided tour, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Does Coronado Island have a boardwalk?

A trip to Coronado Beach isn’t just about the sand and the surf. It also offers visitors fun and exciting things to see and do. Many of Coronado’s shops, stores, and businesses are easily accessible from the boardwalk, and Orange Avenue is just a short walk away.

Do you need a car on Coronado Island?

If you’re wondering if you need to have a car when visiting Coronado Island, the short answer is “no.†If you’re going to visit Coronado Island, you’re probably flying to San Diego. If so, use a rideshare service to get to the island, and you’re good to go.

How do you get around Coronado?

Public Transportation There are 2 bus options for Coronado: MTS Bus 901 runs from the Island to San Diego while MTS Bus 904 runs along Orange Ave to the Civic Center, City Hall on Glorietta Bay and the Bayfront and Ferry Landing . One way fare is $2.50, all day fare is $6.

What is the prettiest beach in San Diego?

San Diego’s Best Beaches: Here’s our Top 10 list

  • Del Mar…
  • Encinitas (Moonlight State Beach) …
  • Imperial Beach. …
  • La Jolla. …
  • Beach Mission. …
  • Ocean Beach. …
  • Oceanside. …
  • Pacific Ocean. Jeremy Caveness, left, and Ryan Guest watch the sunset after surfing in the Pacific Ocean.

Does San Diego have white beaches? Coronado is one of San Diego’s most popular beaches with soft sand, plenty of water, and the iconic Hotel Del Coronado as a backdrop.

Which beach is better Coronado or La Jolla?

But one thing they have in common: Both are regular nominees for Tripadvisor’s Best Beach Awards (and other similar lists besides). That’s true for ’22, too: TripAdvisor just ranked La Jolla Cove at No. 9 on the top beaches in America, and Coronado at No. 15.