San Diego Deck Repair

Best Rate Repair: If you’ve ever walked on a deck that has been damaged by water, you know how much it can affect the look and feel. This is especially true when the wood is old.

It’s important to find a professional San Diego Deck Repair company who can tackle all of the maintenance and repairs that come with owning a wooden deck. This will make it last longer and keep you enjoying the space for years to come!


Waterproofing your deck can help prevent the wear and tear that occurs when it comes into contact with the elements. It also adds a layer of safety and makes your deck look better for it.

The right San Diego waterproofing company can help you get the job done. They can provide a number of options, from a simple coating to a complete overhaul. They can even install drains and scuppers that are properly typed and sized to help prevent water from collecting on the surface of the deck.

The best part about this type of San Diego deck repair is that it can be done on a budget. This allows you to keep the cost of a new deck down while still keeping your property looking great. A waterproofing system can also be a great way to increase the value of your property. It is a smart investment that will pay off in the long run.


Decks are perhaps the most heavily-used surfaces on your home. They get a lot of exposure to the sun’s UV rays as well as rain, snow and foot traffic.

Paint and stain tend to fade gradually with prolonged exposure to the elements. Fading paint can become significantly more noticeable and less flattering over time, especially when the finish is exposed to excessive precipitation.

Failing paint film can allow water to seep into the wood and cause water stains as well as wood rot. If you notice peeling paint, it’s time for a re-coat of a high-quality exterior paint specifically designed for wood surfaces.


If your deck isn’t properly maintained, it can take on a dark or even black color, looking much older than its actual age. Often, discoloration can be remedied by using an oxalic acid cleaner.

Alternatively, you can mix sodium percarbonate into your water to create a mixture that works like a detergent, removing mildew and dirt from wood surfaces. It also helps remove gray-colored aged tannin stains that develop on unfinished decks.

Another popular way to clean a deck is to use a garden hose. Just be careful not to use a high-pressure sprayer, as it may gouge or scratch your deck.

You can also trim bushes and trees back from the deck at least twelve inches to reduce contact with foliage, which can slow the process of wood rot. Additionally, you can move your deck furniture on a set schedule to avoid uneven coloration and wear patterns. These practices will also help keep wood-destroying insects out of your deck and increase the longevity of your San Diego deck repair.


If you have a wood deck, make sure to have it power washed, re-stained and re-sealed every year. This will help to maintain the color of the wood and protect it from moisture and sun exposure, which will eventually cause wood rot.

Another important aspect of maintaining a San Diego deck is repairing any damage that occurs over time. This will keep it looking its best and also help it to remain functional for longer.

Dry rot is another common problem that can impact the longevity of your San Diego deck. This is a form of fungus that attacks damp wood, but can spread to dry pieces of timber as well.

Another issue that can be a pain to fix is loose handrails. These can be a real nuisance to your guests, and should be replaced immediately if they’re loose.